Can I send events via both V1 and V2 API versions?

Yes, you can send events through both V1 and V2 API versions. However, we strongly recommend using the V2 API whenever possible. The V2 API is where our future development efforts and enhancements will be focused. It's important to note the functional differences between the two:

V2 API: Events sent to the V2 API are utilized to trigger 'Flows'. Flows represent our more advanced, feature-rich automation capabilities.

V1 API: Events sent to the V1 API are used to activate 'Legacy Automations'. These are part of our older system and do not include the latest features and improvements found in Flows.

Keep in mind that these systems are mutually exclusive; an event sent to one will not trigger automations or flows in the other. This distinction is crucial for integrating your application seamlessly with our APIs and taking full advantage of our evolving feature set.