Create a single subscriber.

To find available keywords or inspect keyword replies, use Get Keywords endpoint.


  • Adding the field shopify_customer_id or email to the subscriber object will help Postscript identify which Shopify customer belongs to the phone number you are sending.

  • The tags and properties fields will be stored on the subscriber, so those subscribers can later be filtered into segments using these values.

  • You do not need to pass a keyword_id or keyword body param when adding a subscriber. However, if you do not pass a keyword, do note that a keyword reply will not be sent to the subscriber and they will just be subscribed. Make sure this is the expected behavior.


Text Messaging Compliance

All subscribers added using this endpoint will be required to confirm they have opted in to receive recurring automated messages. If a subscriber does not confirm, then they are not added to a merchant's subscriber list.

For more information about compliance, see our guide here.