Create a single subscriber.

To find available keywords or inspect keyword replies, use Get Keywords endpoint.


  • Adding the field shopify_customer_id or email to the subscriber object will help Postscript identify which Shopify customer belongs to the phone number you are sending.

  • The tags and properties fields will be stored on the subscriber, so those subscribers can later be filtered into segments using these values.

  • You need to pass either a keyword_id or keyword body parameter when adding a subscriber.

  • If adding a new subscriber, note that a subscriber does not become a full subscriber until after they have opted in. That means, you'll initially get back a pending subscriber id. This id cannot be used to fetch an active subscriber. To get the subscriber's id when they opt in, you'll need to set up a webhook to listen to our shop.subscriber.opt_in event and get it there.


Text Messaging Compliance

All subscribers added using this endpoint will be required to confirm they have opted in to receive recurring automated messages. If a subscriber does not confirm, then they are not added to a merchant's subscriber list.

For more information about compliance, see our guide here.

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