TCPA Compliance

At Postscript, we take compliance seriously (and think you should too!). What that means for our partners is that all subscribers added through our API are required to confirm they have opted in to receive recurring automated messages. If a subscriber does not confirm, then they are not added to a merchant's subscriber list.

The exact language of the confirmation message sent to subscribers is: [Business name]: Reply Y to subscribe to recurring automated promotional msgs (e.g. cart reminders). Msg & data rates may apply.

This message is currently not customizable.

Another thing to note about compliance is that wherever you are collecting a subscriber's phone number (e.g. a form) you should make sure to include TCPA-compliant language, for example:



Link Terms

Make sure to link the The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages in the above message.

Finally, our team has put together a helpful guide on Text Message Compliance that you can refer to for more information on compliance best practices.