Welcome to the Postscript API Docs!

What is the Postscript API?

At Postscript, we have a bold vision for what the future of SMS for businesses and their customers looks like. We believe that the future of SMS is one where every merchant has one phone number through which each of their customers can interact with them in a host of different ways. Everything from sending shipping updates about an order to special discount codes to use cases we can't even imagine yet. We believe that all of these messages will flow through the same conversation thread, just like texting with a friend.

But in order to achieve this vision, we need you, our partners, to help us build it. We know that we can't build everything ourselves, so we want to provide our partners and shops with the tools to build on top of our platform.

That's what the Postscript API is all about. We aim to continually add new functionality and tools so you can build amazing apps on top of our platform and create magical SMS experiences for our customers.

Our API Docs

This website's purpose is to help you build on top of our platform. You can find links to begin your journey below.

We're excited to see what you build!