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Invalid subscriber Id

I've few postscript subscriber id in numeric format only and I'm able to get the details regarding those id's through postscript portal. But if I'm passing it to the postscript subscriber rest api then it shows "Invalid Subscriber Id". This is one of the subscriber id 227959281 So if possible could you please let me know what is wrong here and reply as soon as you can.

Keyword HTTP trigger returning 400

Hi! I have a keyword that is triggering an HTTP request to my flask app. However, it's constantly returning 400. ``` payload = request.json phone_number = payload.get('phone_number') ``` This is how I'm parsing the payload, which may be the issue. Any ideas of where I'm going wrong? My request is configured as so on postscript: Content Type application/json Method POST Body keyword BONSAIBUDDY phone_number e.g. 12345678910 shopify_customer_id e.g. 1 postscript_subscriber_id e.g. 1 triggered_at e.g. 2018-01-01 12:00:00.000000

Change pending_subscriber to full subscriber

Is there a possibility to change pending_subscriber to a full subscriber by an API call? Because for my case I don't need a user to answer the message "Reply Y to subscribe to recurring automated promotional msgs (e.g. cart reminders). Msg & data rates may apply." This message I show in my application where user can accept or decline subscription. Thanks for any help.

Webhook Work

I have some problems with the webhook. I create my app. I registered several webhooks , and gave endpoints on my app. But I can get responses after events such as 'shop.incoming_message' or 'shop.subscriber.opt_in' on my app logs. I find a way how to test webhooks in the manual. I get 'Example Event' and sent it with postman. I got "message": "OK" but nothing in my app logs. I changed webhook_id to my id after hook registration but it didn't work. I use API v2.0 Need some help. What am I doing wrong?